Vicky Baumann Workshop

A short interview with Vicky Baumann about her journey as a photographer and what inspires her about the wedding photography workshops she teaches

What do you teach during these workshops?

It’s an all round wedding workshop so I’m teaching everything about wedding photography like branding, marketing, pricing, editing, storytelling and we always have a great portfolio shooting 🙂

To whom are these workshops created for?

To all levels of wedding photographers no matter if they’re already professionals or if they just start. The workshop is created in a way that everyone can follow and no one is bored.

Do these workshops happen worldwide?

Yes, unfortunately this year we had some problems because of Corona but we have one big destination workshop every year. The last two workshops were in Marrakech and in Mallorca, this year we went to the Netherlands.

How many workshops do you have a year and how can you register for it?

I do about 10 workshops a year, most of them are in Germany. You can register on my website, but unfortunately there are no ones in english yet (working on this 😉 )

Do you shoot only bridal during these workshops?

Yes exactly. It’s always real couples, wearing bridal clothes. My subscribers learn how to create natural and candid couple photos and also have the chance to create an amazing portfolio 🙂

What do you love most about shooting wedding dresses during these workshops?

It’s always an honor to shoot amazing dresses like yours. I just love it when the dress is in motion. My couple is always in motion and I often ask the bride to wave the dress and play with it to put it in the scene. I also love to see my couple running and the way the dress looks like in the wind.