Trunk show

Trunk show

A Trunk Show is an exclusive pop-up event hosted at a selected boutique

with the aim of showcasing RISH wedding dresses. 

If there’s one taking place near you, make sure not to miss it!

Our boutiques will be displaying our latest styles,

alongside classic designs and specific gowns as requested by our customers. 

A special 15% discount will apply during the Trunk Show week.

Our experienced and highly professional stylists will guide you through the Trunk Show and your appointment to ensure you find the perfect fit and the wedding dress you feel most comfortable and beautiful in. 

Locate Trunk Shows in your area and register today!

One of our boutique stylists will be in touch to book your appointment

Next trunk show

Odet Saüc

Barcelona, Spain

Sep 22 - Nov 1

Austin, TX

Nov 17 - Dec 4
KR Bridal & Tailoring

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Nov 17 - Dec 04


Dec 08 - Jan 01
Gilded Bridal

Raleigh, NC

Dec 08 - Jan 06
Swoon Bridal

Reno, NV

Jan 05 - Jan 14
Yours, by E

Halifax, CA

Jan 12 - Jan 28
Maiden White


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Love and Lace

Irvine, CA

Feb 02 - Feb 11
Revelle Bridal

Ottawa, ON

Feb 02- Feb 18
KC Bridal Company

Oakdale, CA

Feb 16 - Feb 25
Bespoke Bride


Mar 01 - Mar 10

Courtenay, BC

Feb 23- Mar 01
Chantilly Bridal Studio

Oklahoma City, OK

Mar 15 - Mar 24
White Willow Bridal Boutique

Prince George, BC

Mar 15 - Mar 24
White Willow Bridal Boutique

Kelowna, BC

Mar 29 - Apr 14
Strike Bridal Bar


Mar 29 - Apr 14
Spring Sweet


Apr 19 - Apr 28
Art & Lace

Somerset, MA

May 03 - May 12
Abigail Bride

Asbury Park, NJ

May 17 - May 26