Talking with Tali Photography

the famous tali photography

Tali Pelosi, known as “Tali Photography” is a renowned wedding photographer who has become a treasure in the bridal industry. Engaged couples looking for their photographer have their eyes all over Tali and her team.
Her photos are magical, romantic, inspiring, breathtaking and there is so much more you can say! 

You can feel the energy through Tali’s photos and this is something only Tali can express through her camera lens.
Tali has an enchanting and fascinating personality, it is always an excitement to talk to her and hear her stories and experiences from around the world.
Not only is Tali a photographer, she is a teacher as well. She holds workshops amongst those who want to learn her magic and feel. Tali offers a chance for other photographers to enjoy the artwork which she creates.
If you are getting married and looking for the ultimate wedding photographer, Tali Photography is definitely the one to look for!


“We are inspired by art. We also love to travel, getting out of the comfort zone and being inspired by people, colours, different cultures, light and patterns (Marrakech, Italy, Spain etc).
But, one of the most inspiring things are our muses on their wedding day. When Brides become real-life goddesses in their dresses. We think that a gown has a great impact on how the bride feels about herself on her wedding day. It gives her self-confidence and pride.”