RISH Bride of the Week – Robyn Egeler

Rish bride of the week robyn egeler

My husband and I and got engaged in October 2019. After 7 years together it was about time! So we set to plan our wedding for October 9, 2020.

We had invited 165 people and we had sent out our save the dates right when COVID-19 started to ramp up. We never thought it would get as bad as it did.

I bought my beautiful Carolina by RISH gown in March 2020 and we were both so excited. But Covid-19 had other ideas. In the summer of 2020 we had a serious talk about our wedding and if it was safe to still have it. My husband’s parents are older as are my grandparents. After much consideration we decided to cancel our big wedding and move it to a small farm with 40 guests. 

Everything was planned and it was going to be beautiful. We had gotten engaged at the farm so it was a perfect fit, but two weeks before our wedding the farm cancelled on us! We scrambled to find another venue and thankfully found the perfect place. It was the perfect day; weather was 75 degrees and sunny in October in Michigan! Looking back we can’t imagine doing it any other way. If we can get through planning 3 weddings during a global pandemic, we can get through anything. Even though it was super stressful, the small intimate ceremony with our closest friends and family was the perfect way to start our forever.


Thank you Robyn for sharing your COVID-19 wedding story and inspiring future brides!

Sometimes it is so stressful to think that nothing will go as planned and that the wedding of your dreams will be changed due to something that is uncontrollable. We believe that getting married at times like this, is even more special than any other day. The small intimacy you have with your loved one and family creates an energy of gratefulness for the minimum that you have. It teaches you to accept the small things in life and enjoy it while it being, because really, there isn’t much more you can do at the moment than love what you have and appreciate it.