Making of

Making of a collection

When planning the creation of a collection many aspects are taken into consideration, the ultimate wedding dress doesn’t just appear.
It is thought of and designed with intricate details and understanding the nature of what exactly is the ultimate wedding dress.
And, it’s never just one, each wedding dress is designed to be the best one especially for you, designed for each individual to what we believe will be the one for each one of you.

Important steps in making a collection:

1. When thinking of a collection, you would first start with an inspiration. What inspires you to create this collection, what stands behind what you imagine?
2. Designing fabric that will contribute to your inspiration and which will make your wedding dress individual and unique, since the fabric is designed custom and has not been seen before.
3. Sketching. Sketching the collection is the part where your imagination is drawn on paper, or on a tablet, whatever is preferred. This is the part where your imagination should express the inspiration you’ve build up.
4. After the finalized sketches, you begin to place fabric on the mannequin, creating the cut out for the dress and placing the fabric accordingly to your sketch.
5. Once the fabric is placed you would sew all pieces together finalizing the wedding dress silhouette.

Each step into making a collection and creating a gown is very important as each step takes you closer and closer to creating the masterpiece you have dreamed of.
Collection launches can take up to 6 months to a year to design.
Each dress is designed individually taking into consideration what we believe would be the perfect dress for each bride and their own characteristics.