Planning your wedding Julia & Evita

Planning your wedding with Julia and Evita

It has been a pleasure connecting with Julia & Evita, a mother daughter duo whose expertise is in wedding planning and styling whose passion is in making each wedding personalized and perfected for each couple. 
The two have answered a few questions we have asked in order to bring encouragement into planning weddings today with COVID-19 being a real factor is the decision making.

1. A mother and daughter business to us is something so special, the bond between you both is probably so strong! How did you ladies come about deciding that this is what you want to do?

We couldn’t agree more! Working as a mother and daughter in an industry that’s all about love is what makes our job so special.
Our secret lies on our strong bonds, our trust and how well we know each other including our strengths and weaknesses.

2. Do most of your weddings take place in Greece? Or do you travel for weddings more often?

Till now all our weddings took place in Greece. It is considered one of the top wedding destinations worldwide and of course for a reason. The sun, the sea, the long summer, and the white salt-sprayed buildings are the ideal surrounding for a wedding celebration.
Of course, we are open to other destinations, as long as they are inspiring ones!

3. When a couple tells you their dream wedding is to be a ‘boho fantasy’, what would be your first thoughts? What’s the first thing you do when planning a wedding?

Being a destination wedding planner means that sometimes you don’t get to meet our couple in person before we start working with them so the first thing we always do is to arrange a Skype call. It is really important to have the right chemistry with your couple and make sure they trust you to plan their dream wedding. Having to take important decisions from a different country is very challenging so trust is really important!

4. How has COVID-19 affected you? Have you been planning smaller weddings?

Covid-19 has mostly affected us emotionally, facing all our couples’ disappointment who had to postpone or even cancel their destination wedding. You cannot easily find words to soothe a bride, trying to help her see a bright side on what is happening.
On a business base, most of our weddings have been postponed for next season, and we keep optimistic that everything will have been back to normal till then.
As we have seen, couples are more into micro weddings, keeping open the option of an elopement as a back-up plan in case their guests are not allowed or even afraid to travel.

5. What advice would you give to a couple who is planning their wedding during times like today?

To be positive and optimistic!
Covid-19 can change their plans, but it cannot change the love they have.
As time passes and we are all getting more used to the current situation, our plans must leave an open bracket for unexpected changes.
As planners, we are always next to our couples, helping them with their decisions and on any change they have to do. Logistically we stand between them and the vendors trying to find the best solution for all.

6. If a couple wanted to get in touch with you for their wedding planning, what would be the best way?

With an email to [email protected]