South Africa Wedding with Ayeh

I became a photographer by accident, my background by degree is property development and advertising. We took a trip to Bali and we had this old camera that we took with (as tourist do), and while on back of a scooter daily I had this camera around my neck. When we used to ride through the villages I saw the most beautiful and honest faces, children waving at you, families sitting together and a lot of cool traditional style and colors. I started capturing people and that was it, I realized the power of freezing a moment, no matter what that may be, it felt so powerful to me.

I came back home and started taking photos of my model friends, I can say that I was lucky to have so many beautiful subjects to play with and understand and learn how the natural light works. From there I started watching tutorials on YouTube to understand camera technicality and just didn’t stop taking photos.

I love weddings because it is firstly one of the most emotional and beautiful days of someone’s life and it allows me to capture emotions in a documentary way. All the hugs, tears and moments that will warm someone’s heart forever.

I fell in love with RISH’s bohemian feel, the gowns have a natural simple flow to them, beautiful fabric, classic but yet boho.
I love the whole setup of the shoot, being on the misty beach with such beautiful gowns just made my day.

It has been so difficult shooting during COVID-19, we had to take extra precaution to make sure everyone’s safe, also at the time public beaches were closed to public technically, but people were allowed to go for walks so we got away with it as it was super early and quiet.

I absolutely love all your dresses and honestly couldn’t choose one as they all have such a beautiful unique design and feel to them. I love that it looks timeless and with Cape Town natural landscape I feel they will all do so well with our clientele.

I love capturing woman, specially in wedding dresses, making them feel like a queen that all woman are truly inside and out. I absolutely love to make my brides run wild and free and let their hair down and enjoy their special day. It is a true gift to be able to capture woman in their most special day.