Meet Yoav Rish, our HEAD DESIGNER

what made you know that you want to be a bridal designer?

I first started designing evening wear, and showcasing the location locally in TLV, I really loved that I can be creative and bring whatever I have in mind onto the table and just start creating. It really made me so touched and moved to see the excitement that the art I created has put smiles on people’s faces. One day, I had a client ask for me to design her a wedding dress, she loved the boho oriented fashion I was designing. I started working closely with her on what her vision was, I was giving her fittings, and the moment the wedding gown was ready and I saw her face and reaction once she tried it on, it just melted my heart. I said to myself, “I want to make every woman feel this happy and beautiful”. Ever since then I decided that Bridal is my passion, and it’s more than what I do today, it’s part of my DNA.

What makes you feel most connected to the boho style?

I feel most connected to the boho lifestyle myself, and I feel I portray that best in my designs, because it’s completely who I am. I would really say that I am a laid back and chill human, I love living the moment and laughing with friends and family, hearing stories and telling them. I am a huge fan of colors, colors really bring light into my life and make me feel grounded, my favorites are the colors of the Earth and nature, it brings me a sense of peace of mind and really allows me to portray my imagination to my designs.
I am most connected to contemporary art and I feel like the world is always changing and changing so fast, so it’s important for me to always bring the current vibes that happen around the world into my designs.

Did you grow up around fashion?

I didn’t grow up around fashion, my parents and siblings weren’t into fashion, my Grandma saw in me that I really had a passion for designing, I would always sketch and hand sew small things, so my Grandma was the one who bought me my first sewing machine and until today I thank her for believing in me, she is my inspiration and my muse, everytime I use the sewing machine I remember her and every time I design something and I see it come to life, I thank her for pushing me to strive to be the best I can be.

What makes you most excited about coming to the atelier?

I love coming to the atelier and seeing the daily progress that me and my team work on everyday. It’s so exciting designing something and really imagining it, and having a team which believes in my art and is able to make my dreams come true. I truly appreciate the atelier I have and the team I have built that works with me to make RISH bridal successful. I love talking to my teammates and hearing their progression in their daily tasks and the brand strategies developed in order to grow and become greater. The atelier itself really inspires me and I am so thankful for the team I have here, without them, I would truly not be where I am today.

What is your dream, what do you wish to excel in?

My dream is to become RISH Boho House of Contemporary Art, I would love to be able to cater to all types of people, from bridal to lifestyle and to accessories, my wish is to become a fashion house where not only can brides can find all that they search for in one place, but also the BOHO lovers who love the elegant look in accessories and lifestyle fashion. My vision is to be able to create and design more and to build my team accordingly so that RISH can become more than a bridal house, but a house filled with light and positive vibes for all.