Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy my RISH Gown

Check out our boutiques & trunk shows pages and see if there’s any stockist or trunk show near you. All item pages include an “available in” list of locations where they can be purchased. If not, you can order your RISH online through our online shop or use our Dress To Address service.

What is a trunk show

A trunk show is an exclusive pop up event at a local boutique. If there’s one happening near you don’t miss it and book your fitting appointment as ahead as you can. It tends to get full pretty quick. Get more info about our upcoming trunk shows here.

What’s my RISH size?

You can look up your size in the RISH size chart here. Ask a friend to measure your Bust, Waist, Hips and Length.

What do I do if my measurements don’t fit exactly a certain RISH size?

Just order a size up. It will be very easy to alter the dress a size down and make it look perfect to your fit. If you are not certain, feel free to send us an email to hello@rishbridal.com.

Do I need a bra for my RISH gown?

Rish gowns come with cups sewed inside. It can be easily removed and replaced with a bra by any local seamstress.

Where do I make alterations?

Most of our gowns are easy to alter. Look up your local bridal seamstress for any alteration.

Can I get a refund or exchange my dress for another?

Check out our return policy

Can you send me a RISH gown to try on at home?

Sure! Meet our Dress To Address service. We would love to send you any “RISH” Gown a for a non refundable 150$ DTA fee + shipping & taxes. You can keep the gown for 14 days till you need to send it back to us. If you decide that this is the dress of your dreams and keep it, we’ll be happy to deduct the DTA fee from the total price of the gown. All prices are avaiable in the collection pages. For additional info regarding size, fit & shipping costs please contact us via email to hello@rishbridal.com. If you choose to return the dress you will only pay the DTA fee & shipping.

Why should I pick RISH ?

We've been making evening gowns for the past 12 years with a lot of passion, dedication & experience. If you adore boho - glam with a touch rustic - chic, then Rish Bridal is the perfect match for you. Having a unique elegance and feeling comfortable is what the Rish designs are all about. Mixing texturized laces, unique details and airy fabrics, with all sizes flattering silhouettes, creating the perfect effortless bridal gown and basically everything you’ve been Rishing for ;) We beleive beauty comes in all sizes, so all items are available up to RISH size 9. Please check our size chart for more info.

Where are you making RISH items?

All items are handmade in our cozy studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our in-house team of seamstresses, pattern makers & designers gives every single order a special RISH treatment every step of the way. For any additional info about our production process, drop us a line at hello@rishbridal.com.

Do I need to pay any import duties & taxes?

All orders on rishbridal.com don’t include duties & tax fees for international orders.
We advice all international brides to check for estimated duties with their local import/custom bureau.

How can I calculate the shipping costs to my destination?

Please check your destination from the menu below to get your shipping costs.
All items are sent with a unique tracking code.
Please allow a time frame of 4-7 working days for your order to arrive.
For any additional info about our shipping fees, drop us a line at hello@rishbridal.com.

Found the dress of your dreams?

You can try on any of our gowns at a local boutique or try on at home with our Dress to Address service

Which service are you interested in?


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